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Welcome to the online home of Creative Presentations! Since 1990, Creative has enjoyed a reputation as one of the top U.S. companies in the dynamic LCD industry. Throughout its history, Creative has been known as a stellar company, which offers superior products and unmatched levels of service to its clients. The continued growth of Creative is evidence that our 6,000+ clients trust the expertise of our team and the commitment of our partnerships.

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videoconferencingTechnological advancements of videoconferencing abound today as it is more reliable and cost effective than ever before.  General benefits of videoconferencing apply to many different fields of use such as:
  • Education
  • Business
  • Medicine and Health
  • Law
  • The hearing impaired
Digital Signage

What is Digital Signage?

digital_signageThink of Digital Signage as a giant leap for mankind in the application of signs.  Rather than using dull, set-in-stone advertising, digital signage uses displays that are vibrant and alive.  Multiple ads and informational videos can be changed and rearranged at any time.  Digital Signage is generally installed for public viewing and is the state-of-the-art method of attracting attention from high traffic areas.  Digital signs are essentially used to inform, entertain, and advertise.  The top benefits of digital signs are that the content can be changed with little effort, crisp catchy animations can dazzle not bore, and creativity can be expanded.  Digital signs can be designed to adapt and interact to your audience.  The potential revenue from digital signage advertising increases every year as the market catches up to the rest of the world.  Digital signage without a doubt provides a superior return on investment compared to traditional static signs.

Operations Centers

fireman_smWe provide guidance in planning and building control and command centers and other advanced technology facilities. We are capable of providing the most advanced AV technology available to first responders and an unprecedented range of capabilities to monitor communications and direct activities 24/7.

Control Rooms


Having a central location to communicate with remote offices, view data, monitor networks, and conduct mission-critical activities is of utmost importance. Designing this type of control center can be a challenging task to many. From large scale overview displays and videoconferencing system, to lighting and flooring recommendations, let the experienced professionals at Creative help you with the audio visual design and equipment needed for optimum performance of your command station.



streamingCreative Presentations offers solutions using audio visual steaming technology to provide the ability to record sales messages and presentations, provide training on-demand, record operating rooms for evaluation and record lectures for distance learning. Streaming technology provides efficient, economical means of communicating with your company, audience, or prospective or current clients.



audioState of the art audio equipment and professional design and integration will help you make an effective presentation. With products from leading manufacturers such as Sony, Panasonic, Crown, Shure and more, we can create the professional audio system you need.

  • Microphones
  • Amplifiers
  • Analog boards
  • Mixers
Training Facilities

fireman_smCreative Presentations provides a comprehensive range of audio and visual equipment to support any course material that may be presented during training sessions, and to ensure that trainees can interact and collaborate easily and effectively.



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We've expanded! Creative Presentations has moved to a new office in Metairie. Our phone numbers will stay the same.

New Location:
4500 York St, Suite 200
Metairie, LA 70001

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Creative Presentations is based out of the New Orleans’ suburb of Metairie, Louisiana. Please contact us with any questions you have.

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